Our Professional Services

Internal Painting & Decorating

As home decorating experts, we can fulfil all your internal painting and decorating requirements, from luxury wallpapering to high end painting or a blend of the two. We can also fit coving and paint furniture to match the unique interior style of your space. Using the best materials available, we never compromise quality for time and always give realistic timeframes that accommodate your schedule. We strive for the best possible customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished project is to your complete satisfaction.

Spray Painting

We have a range of quality spraying equipment from market leaders like Graco and Wagner, so if you need a spray finish on kitchen cabinets or other large surface areas, we have the equipment to do it. The fine mist created by this equipment offers a sublime even coat when applying to any surface, resulting in a smoother finish than that which can be achieved using a brush or a roller. Spray painting is more suitable for small corners, slats in a fence or other tight areas that would be difficult to paint with a brush or roller.

Access Equipment

We have a very large range of access equipment that enable painting and decorating to be carried out safely and securely. Especially in areas that conventional ladders and mobile access towers cannot easily reach. From steps, ladders, roof ladders, combination ladders, hop ups to mobile scaffold towers, we have everything needed to get the job done as safely and efficiently as possible.

External Painting

We are experts in external painting and can handle a variety of project types, from full house exteriors to fencing, railings and gates. Preparation accounts for up to 75% of our work. We sand down flaking paint, repair minor cracks and seal surfaces before applying quality primer, undercoat and top coat. We use only the very best materials for a long-lasting, professional finish that also offers protection from the elements. Every job is guaranteed, delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

Dust-Free Sanding Systems

We have a large range of world renowned Mirka and Festool equipment, from a Mirka Deos, Leros, Deros, Planex 2 LHS combined with Mirka extractors 1025l and 1240m together with Abranet and Iridium abrasives to ensure a perfect finish on all surfaces for your project. Mirka Dust free sanders remove 97.97% of dust particles and provide a healthier working environment, so that we can work more efficiently with less inconvenience for our clients.

IPAF Powered Access Licence

We hold a current IPAF Licence for mobile vertical 3A and Mobile Boom 3B. For larger jobs, we are fully trained and qualified to use powered mobile lifts or booms whenever they are needed. Powered access is the safest way to carry out temporary work at greater heights. Our decorators are properly trained to use the right equipment for the job. No matter what the project may be, we use professional equipment to create the right environment to do the best possible work.

Commercial, Residential, New Builds

We have over 34 years of experience painting and decorating commercial, residential and new build properties. We can confidently take on any size job, from large office buildings to an average sized lounge. We pride ourselves on providing the same level of care to all. Whether you need exterior or interior house painting, we have the expertise to take on any project. Our strict adherence to health and safety guidelines and new Covid compliance regulations means that you can rest assured that we can do the safest and most professional job possible.

Repair Care Timber Conservation*

Fine homes deserve the best care, which is why we are trained to conserve and restore existing timber using the Repair Care method. It’s now more important than ever to use sustainable methods to preserve our traditional homes. As trained Repair Care approved contractors, we will be able to assess any existing wood damage and use state of the art tools and resin repair methods to achieve a perfect repair every time. We can ensure that only decayed timber is removed, leaving as much of the original joinery and historic woodwork as possible.

*Image supplied by Repair Care